Fifth Bainiaohe Night - Thanksgiving Theme Show

November 27, 2015

November 26th night, GFC hosted the fifth "Bainiaohe Night" Thanksgiving Theme Show in the Gym. All GFCers gathered together to write this melody. On the night of Thanksgiving, all gathered to watch the steps of the dances; on this Thanksgiving night, all gathered to enjoy the beauty of China. The melodies of this night will always be remembered.

Dr. Sun, Chancellor Chen, Chancellor Yang as well as visitors including the Inspection Team from Provincial government, and all volunteers and students. With the sound of "Zebra, Zebra", an exciting song by the Bright Angel Band, the night officially began.

Tea College Performance

Chancellor Yang Singing with Bright Angels "Your Are My Eyes"


Dr Sun and Dean Chen Singing

Peter, a volunteer from Korea, represented all foreign volunteers and brought us the exitement of "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky", the singing moved all students and he shared "I am very happy to be at GFC."

Class Monitors


Volunteer Peter