Vist by Beijing Clothing Academy and University of Central Lancashire Delegation

January 27, 2018


On January 26th, Beijing Clothing Academy and University of Central Lancashire delegation arrived at GFC and began their day and half study with the Intangible Cultural Heritage School (ICHS). During their stay, Xiao Hu from Guizhou Bureau of Education taught with the help of vice dean Yanzi Pu from ICHS as translator and coordinator.

To enrich this study experience, they toured the ICHS exhibition hall and the museum. During the tour, Ms Pu shared with them the history of ICHS, the situation with cultural heritage, clothing, products and the motto of ICHS.

To help them understand Guizhou and Guizhou intangible cultural heritage, Xiao Hu from the Guizhou Bureau of Education was invited to teach them, giving them a wonderful experience.

The college also arranged a DIY try-out for the delegation to make their own Chinese dolls. Many of the designers mixed in their own designs while making the doll, a wonderful memory was created.

Though the study was short, the designers were greatly satisfied.




Xiao Hu teaching about Guizhou Intangible Cultural Heritage




Ms Pu sharing about Ethnic Clothing




Chinese Doll Making DIY Experience 




Designers happily show their products




Group Picture